Tumbleweed Workshop/Toronto Trip

At the end of May, my dad and I packed up, got in the car, and started the 22ish hour drive to Toronto for the Tumbleweed workshop. My family drives to Ontario every summer so we had practice doing this trip, it’s cheaper than flying, and we would have a car to get around in Toronto.

Also, since we were driving, that meant that we could stop at a tiny house build in Montreal on the way. I’d been following My Tiny Refuge for a while and contacted Natalie (we have the same name) to ask if we could visit her house. She was happy to have us, so on the Friday morning before the workshop, we arrived in a beautiful little neighbourhood. You can’t see the tiny house from the front, but then we went around back and there it was, more adorable than in the pictures. I was so glad to see a tiny house in real life and really get a sense of the actual size. From the outside, it seemed a little shorter lengthwise than I’d expect 20 feet to be, but the inside surprised both my dad and I by how spacious it was. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to get any pictures, but she has plenty on her blog (http://tinyrefuge.wordpress.com/category/blog/).

It just so happens that Evan, a friend of mine in Montreal, lives minutes away from Natalie’s tiny house, so I got to see him for a short bit before my dad and I headed off to Ontario.

We got to the hotel with no issues, went for a swim, and relaxed for a while. Then I got to meet up with another of my friends, Ian, and told him about my tiny house dreams.

On Saturday, we signed into the workshop and received a book with all of the slides from the presentation with room for notes. There were a lot of people, of all ages. Deek Diedricksen was our host, and Ross Beck from Tumbleweed and Guillaume from Tiny House Giant Journey were there to answer questions as well. Even though it was a classroom type set-up – lots of listening – it wasn’t boring at all. Even my dad took notes. Since I’ve been researching tiny houses for about a year now, I had heard of most of what they talked about, but it was great to have everything organized and all in one place. Also, they had taped out the size of the inside of a tiny house on the floor, and it felt do-able. Small, but with space to fit everything.

Saturday night we went to the CN Tower, which was fabulous, and wandered around in search of a great slice of pizza, which we found.

My dad and I at the CN Tower.

My dad and I at the CN Tower.

Day two of the workshop was basically the same but still interesting. I asked a few of my questions and jotted down things they mentioned that I hadn’t thought about. I even got a picture with Guillaume:

Guillaume – from Tiny House Giant Journey – and I.

Guillaume and Jenna’s blog is awesome (http://tinyhousegiantjourney.com/) and they have amazing time lapse videos of their build. It was so cool to meet someone I “know” from online in person!

After the workshop was over, I met up with one more of my friends, Liam, and then my dad and I hit the road and headed for home.


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  1. tinyhousegiantjourney
    Jun 13, 2014 @ 11:07:01

    Glad you had a good time in Toronto!


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