Trailer Hunt

As I’ve been researching, I’ve been looking everywhere for the right trailer to support my future house. I’m definitely going to buy new, because I don’t trust a used trailer and I don’t want to put the work into one. Used trailers can have all sorts of problems and I’ve read a blog or two in which they’ve even had to replace axles. I don’t want to have to worry about sanding and fixing up an old trailer, and I don’t want to get discouraged by extra work and problems right at the very beginning of the build. It’s not worth it for me. The trailer will be the foundation of my house; spending the extra money on it will be worth it. As well, the rest of the house is going to be custom, why not start with the trailer? So, I’ll be buying new.

Some tiny house companies are now offering trailers specifically made for tiny houses. Tumbleweed is the first one that comes to mind. Their trailers have metal flashing already installed underneath so you can insulate right inside the trailer (which I plan on doing), plus they’ve added all-threaded rods – to secure the house to the trailer – and leveling jacks. The trailers range from 14′ to 24′ and $3900 to $5800, respectively. A Tumbleweed trailer is a good option, however, here are my cons: it’s not as wide as it could be – and I’ve already contacted them and asked about making it wider/adding flanges, and they said they can’t – and it’s way too expensive to get it here. They’re in Colorado. They have a few free pick-up locations and one of them is in Pennsylvania, but it has to cross the border, and I’d have to drive down and get it – it’s at least a 17 hour drive one way. The other option is to have it delivered. I’m planning on getting a 22′ trailer, so that would be at the upper end of the price scale, then add taxes, and $1200 just to get it to Maine because they won’t deliver into Canada (I asked that too), plus the hassle and paperwork and cost of getting it across the border and to Nova Scotia. It’s ridiculous. So that’s out.

Tumbleweed: No.

Tiny Home Builders also sells trailers, and at $3450 for a 24′ trailer, they’re a lot less expensive, but there’s no flashing and they’re located in Florida. Can’t get much farther away than that. So that’s not a realistic option either. Tortoise Shell Home has inexpensive trailers as well, although the trailers are pretty much just the bare bones, but they’re in California. Again, distance is a huge issue. I found a tiny house build in North Carolina and their trailer cost about $3000, but the company (Kaufman Trailers) that made the trailer has since upped their price drastically and I’d still have the same issues getting it to NS.

Tiny Home Builders: No.

Tortoise Shell Home: No.

Kaufman Trailers: No.

I looked at getting a custom trailer from PJ Trailers Canada, but they said they couldn’t do several of the modifications I asked about and I believe their closest location is in Ontario (which is still 22ish hours away), so I left that one alone.

PJ Trailers: No.

Finally, after all the research and emails, I discovered Natalie’s blog, My Tiny Refuge, which I’ve mentioned before. I found out that she got her trailer from a small company in New Brunswick that is about 5 hours away from where I am, which is fabulous, and that they’ve also done several tiny house trailers before. When I got in touch with them they said “No problem!” to everything on my lengthy list of specifications, which is such a relief! The only catch is the price tag: approximately $6200 including taxes (and that could change depending on the price of materials). I had my fingers crossed that I’d be able to find a trailer for less than $5000. BUT, with all the things included in the price like the underside flashing, the trailer will be ready to have the floor insulation put in as soon as I get it. I also won’t have to hire a welder to remove excess metal or add the all-threaded rods and leveling jacks.




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