Elevation Drawing #8

This is actually two different drawings, but they were small so I put them on one page:


As you can see, the top drawing is the sleeping loft. It’s 9’6″ deep, so there’s space at the head of the mattress for the shelving and at the foot for getting in and out of the loft. There’s the octagon window (I’d love to have a circular window, but to me it’s not worth the difficulty).

Notice how the less steep roof allows for a lot more space? No 45° angles in my loft!

The side walls are almost 3′ high, and from the floor to the peak of the roof it is 3’9″. With a 6″ thick mattress, that makes the head space above the bed 3’3″. I’m just over 5’4″ tall, and when I’m kneeling, I’m 3’3″ tall. When I’m sitting cross-legged, I’m 3’1″ tall. That said, I sit really tall because I have a long torso. Still, it’s not ideal to have such a low ceiling in the loft, but I can’t take height from anywhere else. The trailer can’t be lower than two feet high, it’s recommended to not make a ceiling in a normal room lower than 6’8″ (and mine is 7′ with 4 x 4 rafter ties cutting into head space), and I need thick insulation. Maybe I’ll steal a few inches from the kitchen. Yes, I think I’ll do that. I don’t need 16″ above my head in the kitchen when I only have 2″ above me in the loft. Sigh. This means I’ll have to re-do all my drawings.

But really, how often do you sit in bed? I’m not going to be getting dressed up there, and when I’m sitting up in bed propped up with pillows (like I am as I write this post), the top of my head is only 2’1″ from the bed. I think I’ll like having a ceiling so close. It’ll make it cozy and it’ll be awesome to have a skylight that close.

And the bottom drawing is just an empty loft space with another octagon window, above the window seat and mini front porch. This loft is only 2’6″ deep. It’ll be full of pretty storage boxes and luggage, holding memorabilia and out of season items.


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"It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan." - Eleanor Roosevelt

"It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare. It is because we do not dare that they are difficult." - Seneca

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