Exterior Drawings #1 & #2

Nova Scotia got hit with a tropical storm over the weekend. My house had no power for almost 48 hours, so I couldn’t post, but I did get a lot of drawing (and reading) done!

Here are the drawings of the front and back of my future home:


Hitch Side

I think it’s all pretty clear. You can see the tires and the axle, and the bottom six inches of the house, where the lines are a little thicker, that’s the trailer. I might end up covering the metal, but I’m not too concerned at the moment.

There’s a little ceiling light in the porch – the area where the door is is inset – and there’s a post on the outer corner.

You can see the covering for the bathroom fan on the hitch side drawing.

Oh, and I made a little mistake in the beginning that I didn’t realize until I’d finished. These are supposed to be 13’6″ tall, which is the maximum legal road height, but I miscounted so they’re technically 13’9″ if you count the squares. Don’t mind that.

The wheels extend to the maximum width of 8’6″, but the house is only 7’6″ wide to allow for siding thickness and a bit of roof overhang.


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