Exterior Drawings #3 & #4

Normally when you’re naming the exterior sides of a house, you use the direction it’s facing, like south facing. But my tiny house can move and face any side! So here are the right and left sides of the house:

Right Side

Left Side

As with the hallway drawings, I can’t rotate them on my end, but you can go into tools (it’s in the top right corner for me) and rotate them from there.

Again, you can see the trailer where the thicker lines are at the bottom of the house.

I wasn’t sure where the wheels would be, so I just drew them right in the center.

The house is 11’6″ from the peak to the top of the trailer bed, and 22’6″ from end to end not counting the hitch.

On the right side you can see the bigger dining room window and the kitchen window. Then there’s a skylight that’s about center of the sleeping loft.

On the left side there’s the bathroom window above the toilet, high up for privacy, and the window by the entrance. The skylight on this side will be center of the main room (although in the drawing I drew it six inches too close to the front door). The mini front porch is 2’6″ by 3′ – I couldn’t make it 3′ by 3′ without making the trailer 23′ long and having an awkwardly deep window seat. You can see the little post on the end there. Maybe the porch would be cuter with a gable roof extending down to meet it, but I don’t care. I want the extra space inside.

And sadly, it doesn’t look like there are a lot of windows. It’s mostly because of closets and kitchen cabinets that I can’t add more. And windows are expensive! I didn’t put windows on the sides of the window seat bump out, partly because of money, but also because I’m probably going to be leaning up against those sides now and then. A window frame isn’t exactly a comfortable back rest, and it’d be quite cold in the winter.

There are actually 9 windows total, counting the skylights, but not including the little one in the front door. Not bad, considering a lot of tiny houses I’ve seen have 10 or 11.


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