Heating Options

Living in Canada, I’m definitely going to need a serious heater for the winter.

Here are the options I’ve thought about:

Wood stove: There are some adorable mini ones out there that are designed for boats. I’ve seen quite a few tiny houses with wood stoves, but the stove itself can be pricey ($500-$1000), and setting it up can be complicated what with having to deal with venting and clearances. Personally, I’ve never had a wood stove and I’m afraid of the house catching on fire, so this is not the option for me. I also don’t like the idea of having to keep an eye on the fire, or having to come home to a cold house.

Propane: Another boating appliance, the Dickinson Marine stove is very popular in tiny houses. It’s gorgeous and you can see the little flame in it, but it’s over $1000. I was leaning towards this idea for a while, but the cost is high, I’d need a vent, and I really don’t want to deal with adjusting the heat all the time and coming home to a cold house. Which leads me to…

Electric: The simplest option, in my opinion, as long as you’re connected to the grid. The initial purchase isn’t very expensive ($30-$200), though I expect the power bill will be a lot higher than paying for wood or propane. Still, tiny houses are small so the bill won’t be astronomical. To me, having the thermostat is 100% worth it. I’m planning on getting a skinny stand-up heater because I haven’t left a lot of space for a heater, and maybe having a small space heater in the loft if I need one. There is a little heater on Amazon that fits in the same space as a kick plate, which I like, but I’m concerned that it wouldn’t circulate the heat well enough in the house. What I think I’ll do is buy a heater this winter and test it out in the big house to get an idea of how much space it can heat and how much energy it will use. One issue with electric is what to do in the winter if the power goes out. I’m not worried though.

And that’s that. Think about what’s right for you, and definitely do your own research because there are a couple other options out there.



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