It’s kind of crazy how many devices we need. But here goes. I’ve pretty much got all the electronics I’m going to own, but as for household appliances, I’ve got nothing. I’ll need a…

Toaster: Originally I wasn’t going to have one because I’d like to go gluten free, but I’ve given up on that for the moment because I just love toast. I’ll look for something small to go with the rest of the house.

Toaster oven: I use our toaster oven a lot and I don’t need a full size oven for one person. There are some great toaster ovens out there that you can bake full size pizzas in as well as batches of cookies.

Fridge/freezer: I don’t want to have an under-the-counter fridge. I want more space and a decent freezer. I’ve got my eye on this one: but maybe I’ll look for something energy star rated. I still have to figure out electrical and all that.

Stove top: I don’t really want a drop-in stove top because that means I permanently lose that counter space. What I want is a double burner stove-top that I can move and store. I spent quite a few hours the other night researching options, and here’s what I’ve come up with: hot plates are slow to heat, and ironically, don’t get hot enough. Then there’s electric, which would be ideal, but I haven’t been able to find one that isn’t a drop-in version. I was reading about induction stove tops, which are very sleek looking and there’s a great little portable one on Amazon: The thing with induction stove tops though is that they only work with magnetic cookware. That isn’t really a problem for me because I don’t have any cookware that I’d have to replace, but from my research, it’s difficult to find the right kind. Plus I like the cheap non-stick pans that we have now. Lastly, I’ve been considering a denatured alcohol stove, specifically this one:|2276204|2276209|2276214&id=60257, but it’s more like a camp stove and I don’t want to have to worry about running out of fuel while trying to make a quick meal before work.

Dishwasher: A lot of tiny housers opt to not have a dishwasher, but I think it will save water. And, if I load it as I use dishes, I’ll never have a counter full of dirty dishes. There are slim versions,  or there’s a counter top version that I’ve thought about, although that defeats the purpose of saving the counter from being full of dirty dishes. I’m planning on getting one that’s 18″ wide rather than the normal 24″. And I might not get one right away, depending on what money’s like at that point.

Washer/dryer: Laundry machines are another thing tiny houses usually don’t have, but I want my tiny house to have everything I need. I like to do laundry in the middle of the night and leave it in there for 12 hours, so a laundromat is not for me. There are 2-in-1 washer/dryers, so I could save a lot of space with one of those and still be able to do my laundry at home.

Have I mentioned that I love lists? A lot of my posts are just me getting all my thoughts down. Also, I’m interested to look back and see what changes.

Oh, and I’m not going to have a microwave. I much prefer to heat my food on the stove or in the toaster oven and have it take longer, rather than radiate it. And I find the stove and oven heat more evenly and don’t make food mushy.


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  1. Paula
    Jul 13, 2014 @ 19:21:17

    You can build your own stove cover, you could make the cover a butcher block so it’s multi functional and when not covering the stove doubles up as your cutting surface that you can move about – like over the sink or on the eating table etc. RV’s have stoves with covers and they seem to work great and provide extra counter area. I’d recommend finding a propane 2 burner and get a single burner electric plug in as extra. I had one I used in a studio apt that I got at Wal-Mart; it took quite a while to get to full heat, but worked fine, esp for keeping stuff on slow simmer / warm while I did other stuff on the main 2 burners. Most of the time 2 burners is all you need, so the extra electric one is just for those occasional situations you need the extra space – I maybe used it a few times a month. Some months not at all, esp once I got a rectangular electric griddle / frying pan with sides – I love that thing and still prefer it to many pans on my current normal size stove!

    Propane because it really goes thru the gas reasonably slowly ( unless you cook everything on high! ) and can do extra duty for an on-demand water heater and heater for the house plus i’ve seen a manual toaster device that sat on top of the gas stove burner. It was a ring where you put the bread in little holders ( it held 4 in a circle ) then the flame toasted the bread. I think it may originally have been meant for camping and use on backpacker camp stoves and these people just found a new use for it so they didn’t have to keep a toaster in the RV where space was tight. Propane is handy also if the power goes out.

    I recently got a chance to see one of those smallish drawer dishwashers in action – my sisters new house has one and its FANTASTIC. Def the way to go if you feel you need one. Frankly, I’d rather have the cupboard space in a tiny house and would just get an extra large sink to put stuff in and maybe build another cover for over the sink so you don’t loose countertop space. The sink could hold dishes and you could do them in a rubbermaid bin inside half the sink then put them out to dry in one of those nifty hanging over the sink racks. My studio had one of those small sinks and frankly, even tho I loved the place and the location; that tiny sink drove me nuts and was one of the big reasons to move – everything else could be worked around but that tiny sink with a badly placed faucet just made me curse multiple times a day. Large sinks have multiple uses than just hiding dirty dishes… not being able to put a largeish pan flat to clean is a pain – you think countertop works for that but then you splash greasy dirty water all over your nice floor and cupboards etc when you scrub with any kind of vigor; I read a thread where RV’ers put their crock pots in the sink to run while driving, but it also would put it off the countertop. You could even wash a small mid size dog in a big sink! Do hand laundry in a wash tub and splash all you want etc. You rarely fill the whole thing up but use it to hold smaller containers with your soapy and rinse water and feel free to make a mess because it’s all contained in the nice big sink of dirty water safety area 😉

    Washer /dryer – i’m kinda like you and tend to leave my laundry to sit, i’m HORRIBLE at doing it all at once and it sometimes takes me a few days to get it out of the dryer. I like the IDEA of those eco friendly small manual machines – esp the one that looks like a min cement mixer – and that speedy spinning device that gets out most of the water so it’s just damp… but it’s all so small that you would have to do laundry every day or two or when you got around to it you’d be stuck doing load after load… I have no clue what I’d choose here myself; guess it would come down to space needs and if I could squeeze one of those nice combo units in my design and if I knew I was always going to be parked where I had lots of water… this is one of those nasty choices where you know you likely should take the other choice but for those like us who hate laundry and let it sit; being forced to use one of those little gadgets ALL THE TIME would be like pulling teeth!


    • natalienovascotia
      Jul 13, 2014 @ 20:34:10

      Oh, I hadn’t thought of a stove cover, that’s a good idea!
      Wouldn’t I have to install gas lines for a propane stove though?
      The drawer dishwashers look great (I just looked them up) but they’re all too wide; 24″ will cut into my dining space. I really like the 18″ dishwasher. We have a medium size double sink in our kitchen now (that I only ever use one half of), and not being able to lay down big pans has never bothered me. I’m not concerned about the dishwasher taking away storage space because with three feet of cupboards on one side of the kitchen and all the upper cabinets and shelving, I’m sure I’ll be able to fit one person’s kitchen supplies. And I hate having dishes in the sink. We’ve always had a dishwasher, so I’m a bit spoiled.
      There are a lot of laundry options that seem unrealistically small to me, but there are also full size two-in-one machines that I could do a full load in, so that will work.


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