Alrighty, so I don’t build stuff. Which means I don’t have any tools to build stuff with. Therefore, I need to buy some!

I don’t even have the very basics. Well, I have a tape measure, but that’s it. Dad’s letting me use a pair of ear protectors and his miter saw. So here is a list of things to get:


– hammer

– screwdrivers

– level

– eye protection

– flat pencils

– clamps

– speed square

– carpenter’s square

– chalk box

– tool belt

– nail gun (people always wish they’d bought one sooner)

– drill

– table saw (expensive, but I don’t think I could get by without one)

That’s the stuff I know I’ll need. There are some other things that I’ll have to buy as I go, like a knife for insulation and specific tools for plumbing. I’m thinking I’ll also need a jig saw for cutting out windows, so I’ll have to ask Dad if I can use his.

Let me know if I’m missing any must-haves!


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  1. Paula
    Jul 18, 2014 @ 15:54:40

    Estate sales and garage sales are good places to look for tools. Often, for hammers etc, you can get some really good older ones. I recently laughed at a conversation my 56 yr old brother had with my dad when he came over to hang a picture. He picked up the hammer, looked down and said Wow – i remember this feel, this is a really good balanced hammer that I remember using as a teen… I was amazed because I never knew the difference, but evidenly if you use one enough – like in building something large like a deck — or HOUSE — then you start to tell the difference. They talked for a good 30 mins on how they don’t make em like they used to and some of these old ones are the best etc…

    I also recall when my grandmother died and we sold off all the tools from my grandfathers woodworking shop that had been sitting for over 20 yrs. So, you can get a lot of good stuff that people would be happy to know is going to be used by someone to build something important. Frankly, you could make someones day if you showed up at an estate sale wanting to use their loved ones tools to build your house!


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