Tiny House Visit!

As I said in my last post, there is a tiny house just down the road from my grandparents’ house in Quebec.

We stopped by to check it out, and the builder’s dad, George, was kind enough to let us take a look inside!

The house is still in progress, but you can see that it’s made from Tumbleweed plans.

George told us that his son had never built anything before starting the tiny house.

Isn’t that gorgeous?

Oh, and sorry for how dark some of the photos are. I didn’t realize my flash was off until I looked at them later.

So that’s the front door. They made a little nook with a desk and storage. I’m not sure what that pole up in the loft is doing. See how complicated it looks up there, just to get a cute facade? I’m going to keep the same roof line from front to back so I don’t have to worry about figuring that out, and I’ll also have more storage up in the little loft.

So much light!

So much light!

There’s the sleeping loft with a skylight.


Okay, I know the pictures are dark, but this shower is so cool! I love the inset shelf, but sadly I probably won’t have one in my house because I’m not doing tile. The builder plans to make this a wet bath, with a composting toilet. The floor is widely spaced wood for draining, like a sauna, so no wet feet when you’re just using the toilet.

Who says you can’t have a big double sink in a tiny house?! I wish I’d gotten a better shot of the kitchen because it’s difficult to describe. The bathroom’s to the right in this picture. It’s kind of a galley kitchen, but there’s an extra piece of counter that folds up for more space, turning it into a U and separating the kitchen from the main room.

Bamboo floors! George said his son’s wife wanted bamboo, so I guess the house is built for two! It’s 24′ long and does seem spacious (but that’s from my tiny-house-loving perspective).

The thing I forgot to get when I visited Tiny Refuge: a picture of me in a tiny house! There’s some great built in storage that blends in nicely.

My grandpa 🙂 Looks a little short for him, but he’s got plenty of clearance above his head underneath the sleeping loft inside. And see the cute front part of the roof? That look isn’t worth the work for me.



Lots of windows!

Lots of windows!

So that was a very cool visit! 🙂


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