Chalk Drawing

So, a while back, I went out and drew a scale drawing of my floor plan for the tiny house on the driveway. I’ve seen some people use cardboard or tape, but I thought, hey! Chalk would be easier! No. It is very, very hard to draw a 22′ by 8′ square that is actually square. I had started it though, and I was determined to finish it. I happened to pick the hottest, sunniest day though, and it took longer than I expected. I was out there for probably 3 hours, and I got very burnt.

I wanted to put up my paper drawings first, and then I forgot about the chalk drawing picture for a bit.

Anyways, here it is:

Ha, it had gotten a little shady by the time I finished.

It would have been nice to get an idea of heights for things and see how enclosed it felt with all the storage, but I’ve been in a couple tiny houses so far and I don’t find them cramped at all.

It’s kind of hard to see, and I did make a slight mistake – the chair storage is only 6 inches wide instead 12, and then I based the location of the door off of it, so the window seat and porch will actually be a little smaller.

At the top of the picture, there’s the window seat on the left and the porch on the right. There’s my double folding table, chairs, and shoe storage. The X is where my heater will go. Then you get into the kitchen, then laundry and closets. The bathroom is at the bottom of the picture. There’s very little space to stand, but you honestly don’t need that much. I refuse to give up the bathroom sink. The space won’t seem cramped anyways because you’ll be able to stretch your arms out over the toilet and into the shower. The wall thickness is shown, the windows are done in blue, and the X’s in the walls are vents.

I had my mum come and wander around the house with me. Two people can hang out in the kitchen no problem. The porch was a little cramped, but I figure I’ll build a bigger front porch when I get situated somewhere.

If nothing else, at least I know that my house fits in the driveway! I would love to build there, but my parents refuse to allow me to block off the garage for over a year of building, which is valid.

Oh, and I am definitely going to get one of those chalk boxes that snap a straight line.


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