Thinking About the Roof

I was trying to think of a topic for today’s post, then I looked out on the deck and Dad had a ladder set-up and a few soffits pulled down. We spent a while discussing the ventilation in attics.

The roof and ventilation for my tiny house are confusing points for me because I don’t know anything about them. Plus, most houses have attics filled with insulation, while I need to have living space in the upper part of my house.

From what I understand, there are vents that air escapes through, and then the soffits – plastic filters that allow air in but keep bugs and water out – bring in air to replace what escapes. They’re located underneath the roof overhang. There also needs to be space between the insulation and the top of the roof so the air can move. I’m not sure how I’m going to do that.

The reason Dad had taken down a couple of soffits is that our house gets too hot. Something up there isn’t working right because our house gets hotter inside than what the temperature is outside. Apparently the air in the attic isn’t moving; it’s just heating up more and more and then heating the house. Dad thinks there’s not enough space above the insulation for the air to move, but I read somewhere that you only need one inch. I definitely will need to do more research.

Also, since I’m going to have lofts instead of a sealed attic, I believe that means that vents at the ends of the house (like my house now has) won’t be helpful. There are these things called ridge vents – installed at the ridge of the roof – that do the same job the vents do, so maybe I’ll have them. Some are only a few feet long, but apparently they can span the whole length of the house. I don’t know if roof material matters.

Here’s a picture of what’s hiding above the soffits in our house:



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