Too Small?

Don’t write off every tiny house as too small, saying, “They’re cute, but I couldn’t live in one.”

I understand that tiny houses on wheels are not for everyone. Some people simply want a house bigger than eight and half feet wide, or one on a foundation. That’s okay. But I think there are other people out there who 1. don’t bother to look past the one tiny house they saw online and 2. allow themselves to be held back by thinking, “I could never build one or afford to buy one.” There are so many tiny houses out there now and each one is unique. There are different sizes and configurations and uses. Every tiny house has a story behind it and I bet none of them are simple. They are so versatile, and there are also other types of tiny and small houses that are possible and have been done. Please don’t hold yourself back if a tiny house is something you really want.

That said, there are tiny houses that I don’t think I could live in. Confining my life to a house where every task is cramped and there’s not enough space for me to lay on the floor of the living room would be incredibly frustrating and would not make me happy. I think that for me, a tiny house on wheels that’s less than 20 feet long would be too small for every day life. I need counter space and room to dance and do yoga. One complaint about tiny houses is that there’s no separation between what would normally have its own room, like having the kitchen, dining “room”, and living “room” all in the same spot. That can work, but personally I want to have a separate living room. That’s the thing about tiny houses though, you can design them to fit your needs.

In my design, I have a galley kitchen with almost 8 square feet of counter space. The kitchen in our house has about 15.5 square feet of counter space, but that’s for a family, not one person. Plus, 7 square feet of that is only ever used to pile up dirty dishes, so really we only use a little L of 8.5 square feet of space for the majority of our kitchen needs. I’ll be putting my dishes straight into the dishwasher (another reason to have one), and when we bake or cook something complicated, we often use the dining room table, which I can use in my tiny house too if I need more counter space.

My dining room, although it is in the living room, completely folds away so I can have an open space, and unlike many designs that have a storage bench or couch cutting into their main room, my couch is set into a bump out, leaving me with a big open square. My shoe storage is in the main room, but if I want it out of the way I can move it to the hall because it’ll be on wheels. And the dining table will double as my computer desk.

The way I figure it, I’d be moving into a dorm if not for the tiny house, and I would have LESS space. The tiny house allows me to be independent, which is what I want. My house isn’t going to be cramped and impractical for full time living. My house is going to be as much a house as any normal one, with places to sleep and read and cook and eat and shit and shower. What more do you need?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ben ross
    Sep 08, 2014 @ 11:15:51

    Hmmm I know you’ve said you love buying kitchen utensils but I’ve noticed when we last moved we a) reduced our number of plates, bowls and cups, and b) planned to have dishes for no more than 4 people in the house at any one time. Paper dishes can be bought for parties. It has made a huge difference in the cleanliness of the kitchen and the amount od stress surrounding it. Also i find i bond with my fewer mugs better šŸ™‚


    • natalienovascotia
      Sep 08, 2014 @ 15:33:59

      Yes, I do want my kitchen to be minimalist. I look forward to carefully picking out what few dishes I will have šŸ™‚ I already have a pair of pretty blue glasses, and I use them almost exclusively.


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