Who Says Tiny Houses Can’t Front?

In my tiny house research, I keep reading that in a lot of places, tiny houses can’t “front” – as in be the main house at the front of a property. Generally tiny houses are on the line between legal and illegal because of size minimums, so owners tend to keep them out of sight. I understand that, and if you’re renting, you’re probably not parked in front of someone else’s house. But when someone wants to build a small house on their own property, they’re not allowed. People are worried about their property values going down and neighbours apparently don’t want to see little houses. That’s only because people have this idea in their head of tiny houses being cheap and run-down, like some trailer parks. But just because a house is small, it doesn’t mean that a lot of care and work didn’t go into it. There are some gorgeous tiny houses out there. Since they’re custom-made, tiny houses are unique and usually colourful. I don’t like the usual identical houses in drab colours. I’d rather see tiny houses!

And I do! Just driving to work and to town, I’ve noticed a bunch of small houses that front a property. On a nice day, I took a drive with my camera to capture some of them. There’s actually a lot, when you look.

Well-kept houses are attractive, no matter the size.

This one isn't super small, but it's adorable!

This one isn’t super small, but it’s adorable!

I see this one on my way to work. It’s one of the first ones I noticed.

Cute, eh?

Plenty big enough to live in.

I love the little gazebo room.


Look at the sunburst wood pattern!

On the way to town.

This one’s actually in a trailer park, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have cute shutters and nice siding!

Another one in the trailer park. Adorable little well!

The eye-catcher of the trailer park. They even have wrought iron table and chairs on the porch, complete with a pumpkin. Nice cars, too. Living small doesn’t have to mean you can’t afford bigger.

Another on the way to town.

Small house = more time for life.

This one even has a covered front porch, lovely!

Who says bigger is better? I’d feel lonely in a big house.

Plenty of room for life.

These ones are actually little apartments.

There are about four trailers hidden behind the trees. Not sure if it’s for privacy or because of a rule.

Cute and well-kept.

I doubt I’m ever going to live in a sub-division with a million rules about what I’m allowed to do on my own property. That’s one of the reasons I don’t want to live in an apartment; I want to put holes in the walls and paint and decide everything myself. People should be free to express themselves through their dwellings, and their house should suit their lifestyle. All the identical houses and mirror image apartments might be designed for the average person or family, but no one’s average.


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