WHC: Week 6

Over the past couple of weeks, I didn’t get a lot done on my project. Two weeks ago, I had just gotten back from a shopping trip in Halifax and was about 10 minutes late for wood hobby club. I stayed for the lesson, but was too tired to work with power tools. Then last week, I went for the lesson at the beginning and did a couple of cuts, but I left early to pick up my friend Ben from the airport 🙂 And for both of those lessons, I was not prepared because I was either late or couldn’t stay. I didn’t have my eye or ear protection, my tape measure, a pencil, or the list of measurements for my panels, which makes it difficult to do anything. They have those things at the club, but it’s awkward and time consuming to wander around trying to find them; I’m still new there.

The class has switched from Monday to Tuesday night. Tuesday’s a club night, so the newbies now get to hang out with the regulars. There’s this one man working on a gorgeous corner cabinet with a wine rack built in. I wish I’d taken a picture.

Anyways, tonight I went prepared. It’s fun to walk around in my work boots with a tape measure hooked on my hip. The lesson was short, just a quick walk-through of how to glue the shelves and side panels together. I did some sanding, which is a lot more fun with a sander. I hate sanding by hand; it feels like you’ll never finish. Then with the help of one of the instructors, I cut my panels to size, then cut the dado joints for the shelves and rabbit joints for the back panel. My dado joints – which are basically neat indents to fit things like shelves into – turned out less than perfect. It’s weird to be cutting something but not see what you’re doing. I moved one of my panels by accident while I was cutting it with the table saw, but the instructor helped me fix it with a shim.

Speaking of accidents, I put my lovely Subaru (or my dad’s, if you want to be technical), my Bu, in a ditch last week. No one was hurt, but the door and fender are bent and will need to be replaced. $833 will be disappearing from my tiny house fund 😦 Sigh.


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