WHC: Week 10

Last night wood hobby club started up again. I went in for a couple hours, but there was no lesson because a lot of people didn’t show up. I remember the instructors saying at the beginning of the course that only half of the people who start the course finish it. People get busy or bored. I told myself I was going to be one of the ones that was there ’til I was done. I’m coming home with an end table that I built!

I sanded a few dents out of my work-in-progress, then got to work on making my drawer. I didn’t have enough planed wood left over, so I had to do the whole process of picking out my wood, cleaning it up, and cutting it to size again. At first I was thinking I should’ve done all the wood at once, but I’m glad I still had more to do because the second time around I used all the machines by myself. I planed a long board, cut it into pieces slightly bigger than I needed, used the jointer on one edge, and used the table saw to clean up the other edge. After that I sanded all the pieces and time was up. Here’s where I’m at:

 I have five small, sanded boards: two sides, a front, a back, and a front panel for my drawer. Each of the pieces are a little longer than I need because that’s what I was told to do in the beginning of the course. I will cut them down to the exact size next time, but it’s a good thing I left a little extra because I did make a mistake in my measuring. I have one potential problem though: the front panel for my drawer isn’t as tall as it should be. It’s supposed to be 6″ high, but the rough boards are exactly 6″. After cleaning up the edges, it was down to 5.5″. It should be okay, because not all of the other parts are in place yet, so I can adjust those if I need to. If I really wanted, I could glue on a small piece of wood to make it 6″, but I can’t be bothered.

I had a peaceful time at the club this time. The instructors let me do my thing, and it’s really easy to ignore everyone else when you’ve got ear protectors on 🙂

On my to-do list: research, research, research, keep an eye out for sales on outdoor power cords and table saws, buy more tiny house books, and buy plans! When I have build plans, then I can make an appointment with the local guy who knows all about the national building codes and see what’s up.


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"It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan." - Eleanor Roosevelt

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