Guest Post #2: Green Cleaning

I was talking to someone I know that is a consultant for a cleaning products company, and I thought to myself, I bet tiny housers would be interested! I personally love house stuff. I regularly have to refrain from buying kitchenware and nice cloths and towels because I need to have a house first. People who are already living in tiny houses or who simply want to be more environmentally conscious should definitely check out these products!

So far, I own the Lint Mitt. My work clothes are black, and I have a white cat. I used to cringe at how many of those sticky roller sheets I’d throw away trying to get all the fur off my clothes, but I didn’t think there was an alternative. The mitt takes off fur just as easily without creating all that garbage, so it’s perfect! And I don’t have to keep buying new rollers 🙂

The company is better known for their microfiber cloths, but I’ll let my guest poster tell you more:


I am not a clean freak by any means — quite the opposite actually. So when a friend invited me to a home party to learn more about a new way to clean, I wasn’t all that interested. I only went to support my friend.

What I discovered were green cleaning supplies that actually work — and work better than conventional cleaning products. My husband says, “If it makes Jennifer clean, it must be good.”

I know it may be strange to get excited about cleaning supplies, but I can’t help it. I now have the tools I need to clean better, in less time, while reducing the chemicals in my home. I feel good knowing that I am making my home and planet healthier for my family and future generations.

So what is this all about?

• Our microfiber cloths clean effectively with just water. With 2.9 million metres of microfiber, the EnviroCloth picks up everything from the surface rather than just spreading it around like a conventional cloth. The particles are then trapped in the cloth until they are washed away.

• The food industry uses protein swabs to test for surface contamination because protein is more difficult to remove from surfaces than glucose or other residues. I’ve used these same swabs to demonstrate how the EnviroCloth removes raw chicken residue from a counter top — using just water.

• Many of our cloths contain silver that inhibits bacterial, mould, and mildew growth within the cloth.

• I clean my windows with a damp EnviroCloth and polish them with a dry Window Cloth. My windows have never been so clean. No chemicals and no streaks!

• I wash my face and body with just water using a Body Cloth. I no longer use soap, shower gel, facial cleansers, or makeup remover. The Body Cloth removes smells better than soap ever did and my acne rosacea is improving.

I’m excited about these products and would love to share the gift of Norwex with like-minded people. Follow me on Facebook or contact me if you’d like to learn more.

Jennifer Arsenault
Norwex Independent Sales Consultant


I have a sub-folder in my Tiny House bookmarks folder with links to sites that sell house products. I’ll be looking up Norwex when I get settled in! First on my list is the Window Cloth. My tiny house is going to have 10 windows to clean; I’ll save so many paper towels by using a cloth that doesn’t leave streaks. I also love that the cloths are colourful 🙂 Plus, Norwex has so many different types of products that you could almost buy everything you need in one place. Tiny Living is about living consciously and being respectful of the environment. Finding a company that helps people use less chemicals, less plastic, and less paper towel is encouraging!


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