WHC: Week 14

On Tuesday I went in for the second last lesson: attaching the top and trim. I decided to skip the trim on my end table, so I wasn’t too concerned with that. However, it does look nice. As for the top, it’s just a matter of screwing it on from the inside. I finally cut my top to size, but the instructor had to head out early and he closed up the shop, so I didn’t get anything else done.

The club is also open on Wednesday night and Saturday during the day, so I went in today for a couple of hours. I cut and roughly sanded all the pieces for my top rail and my raised panel door. In addition to my drawer and drawer front, I now have a top rail, a piece to screw it into, two rails for the door, two stiles for the door, and two pieces that I’ll have to glue together to make the panel. All the pieces are a little long, as I was taught, so I’ll be trimming them next time. Hopefully after next class I’ll have a raised panel door to show for my efforts!


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