WHC: Week 18

I didn’t go to wood hobby last week. We had three snow storms last week, so I decided to stay curled up inside.

I’m glad I went this week though; it was funny joking with the guys.

My goal tonight was to router everything I wanted routered. I wanted to do three edges (not the back) of my top panel, the edges of my door, the edges of my drawer front, and possibly do a design in the center of my drawer front. I wasn’t sure if I was going to use the router or the router table, but the router table is easier (I finally figured out how to move the fence by myself) so I went with that.

It turns out, it’s pretty difficult to router a square design into the middle of a piece; the three guys at the club tonight were all scratching their heads. I was originally going to only round the edges on all my pieces. Since I skipped the middle design on my drawer front though, I went with a fancier design on the edge. With help, I set up the bit, did a test piece, and routered the edges of my drawer front. The last corner chipped! I just made a new drawer front last time I was in; I didn’t want to make another! So, I fixed it:

Rounded corners! I bet you haven't seen that before. It's a little weird, but it's special and I like it. Besides, it's my first project. It had to be a little funny looking.

Rounded corners! I bet you haven’t seen that before. It’s a little weird, but it’s special and I like it. Besides, it’s my first project. It has to be a little funny looking.

I used a belt sander, I think it’s called, to round the corners (after tracing curved lines on the back to follow). Then I used the router table again to correct the design.

I did the same design on my raised panel door:

However, I didn’t risk screwing up the corners. With the drawer front, if I messed up the rounded corners, it didn’t matter because I would’ve had to make a new one anyway because of the chip. The raised panel door is a lot more work than cutting a board to size. Besides, since the inner design has sharp corners, I think it works to have the outside corners sharp as well, even if it doesn’t match the drawer front.

My raised panel door looks good from far away, but close up it has several problems (not including my imperfect rails that need some wood filler):

One rail.

One rail.

Notice how there’s a bit of a lip on the top of the designed edge? For one, it’s not as high as the lip on the drawer front because the center panel is – surprise – raised.

The other rail.

The other rail.

I don’t really mind that the lip isn’t very high. The problem is that it’s not even. The other rail only has a lip in the center.

Both the stiles look like this.

Both the stiles look like this.

And the stiles have no lip at all.

Have I mentioned I'm bad at sanding?

Have I mentioned I’m bad at sanding?

The way I sand has left me with skinny edges. I don’t hold the sander properly I guess, so I end up with panels that aren’t flat right to the edges! I’m a perfectionist. I suppose these are all minor problems that no one will notice when the project is done. But I haven’t decided yet if I want to completely sand the lip off the rails or just try and make them look the same. Or maybe I’ll just put the nicer one at the top and nobody will see the bottom rail šŸ˜›

Finally, for my top panel, I kept it simple:

My nice top panel :)

I just rounded the edges slightly.

I just rounded the edges slightly.

Next up, I need to start attaching things!


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