WHC: Extra Hours

This weekend I spent nine hours total at the club, four hours on Saturday that I already posted about, and five hours on Sunday. Normally the club isn’t open on Sunday, but some regulars have keys and go in on their own time. On Saturday, the two women there said they’d be in on Sunday, so my mum and I went in mid-day and worked for several hours, and then we all took a break. The women with the keys came back at 6 so my mum and I went in again.

The first time around, I couldn’t do much because I didn’t have a counter-sink drill bit. Turns out, the one I used yesterday wasn’t the club’s. The guy running the club gave me his to use. Apparently, the club has half a dozen drills, but no counter-sink bits. So I spent a few hours marking my pieces where I needed to drill, and fiddling around. I was frustrated with how little I could do without the bit, but it turned out well. While I was fiddling around with all my pieces, I realized that my drawer is loose. Somehow, even though my drawer is the right size, my end table ended up wider than it was supposed to. So it was kind of lucky that I didn’t have the drill bit, otherwise I might not have discovered the problem. I would’ve been doubly discouraged, having gotten little done and having found a problem, but I found a solution quickly. I had rescued two thin scraps of wood from the waste bin the day before to use between my project and clamps (to protect my end table from dents). They just happened be long enough and fill the gaps on either side of my drawer almost perfectly!

We left the shop for the afternoon then returned later. In between I bought a drill bit, after looking through both my new set and my dad’s tool box and not finding one. On the way to the club, Mum pointed out that the bit was too long, and I panicked a little. All the stores were closed; it was too late to try to get another one. Then we noticed that the length is adjustable 😛

My mum wants to get her shelves done by a certain date, and I’m excited to take my end table home as soon as possible, so we didn’t mind the overtime at the wood hobby club. Time flew by faster than I would’ve liked; I didn’t get a ton done. But I did learn and practice a lot. It’s time-consuming to do so many new things in a row that you’ve never done before. There’s trial and error, and I spent a bit too much time staring at my project worrying about screwing up. I also thought too hard about what the logical next step was. Without the instructors, I was winging it, especially with the order of the steps. The only thing I actually got done was attach the wood pieces for my drawer slides. I sanded the back quarter of those pieces before attaching them because my drawer was a bit tight at the back.

I adjusted my drill bit to the right length, practiced once, and then hesitantly, awkwardly tried to drill into my project. The bit slipped, but didn’t hurt my project thankfully. I tightened the bit, then did a ton of practice holes before going near my project again. Then I drilled holes through my pieces and screwed them in by hand. I also drilled holes in the thin pieces so they won’t split when I attach them. I spent a lot of time practicing with the new bit, test-fitting my drawer, and lining up my wood pieces, the thin pieces, and the drawer slides. And I took a bunch of pictures!

Getting an idea of what it will look like.

Getting an idea of what it will look like.

See that skinny piece?

See that skinny piece?

It rolls! It's not attached yet though.

It rolls! It’s not attached yet though.

The very first contents of my very first self-built drawer!

The very first contents of my very first self-built drawer!

And there's my drawer front, needing a knob.

And there’s my drawer front, needing a knob.

My scrap pile.

My scrap pile.

Practicing with my new drill-bit.

Practicing with my new drill bit.


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