WHC: Week 20

After sleeping in a little, I went to wood hobby club today. I keep hoping each time I go that I’ll finally get to take it home, but nope. It’s still not finished after 4 hours at the club. The time goes by quickly though.

Today I attached the drawer slides to the inside of the end table. The drawer did end up tight at the back, but that means it won’t slide out while I’m carrying it, and it also means you can’t slam it, so it worked out.

I also attached the pieces that I’ll screw down my top with. I did one piece, then realized there wasn’t enough room even for the teeny tiny screwdriver to screw up into the piece. I took it off, screwed the screws almost all the way into my pre-drilled, counter-sunk holes, then screwed it into place on the end table and did the same with the other side.

The two pieces along the inside of the end table are screwed into the project from the side, then there are three screws on each side ready to be screwed into the top.

One of the club guys who has helped me before gave me enough 1/4″ plywood for the back of my end table, so I cut that to size, but didn’t attach it.

I did, however, attach my door! The opening for my door is actually a little wider at the top, which means when you line up the hinges, the door ends up noticeably crooked. To fix that, with help, I added a couple of thin pieces of wood (shims) between the top hinge and my project, which straightened my door perfectly.

The shims are pretty much invisible after I chiseled off the excess around the hinge.

Before I put on my door though, I added the knob for it. I had to pre-drill a hole because the screw that came with the knob is thick and has no point. Then when I tried to put the knob on, I realized that because my door ended up so thin, the screw was too long. The guys at the club used a grinder to make the screw shorter.

One for my door, one for my drawer.

My door has a knob! And hinges! And it’s straight!

Now I just have to attach my drawer front and add its knob (that I already drilled a hole for), screw down the top, and tack on the back! The wood hobby club was closed this past Tuesday, which I why I went in today, but hopefully it will be open this Tuesday. With a few more hours at the club, I’ll be able to take my project home, just in time for my 19th birthday!

Today's progress.

Today’s progress.


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