WHC: Week 21


Just kidding, I still need to stain, sand, and seal it. But I took my end table home tonight!

I went into the club today and one of the instructors was finally there. He helped me do the math to get my drawer front to line up.

It took me an hour and a half to:

– do the measurements to line up my drawer front

– counter-sink six holes into the back of the front of my drawer

– try to put my drawer knob on

– find out that the screw was too long, even though my drawer front isn’t as thin as my door

– grind the screw down (I used the grinder all by myself!)

– attach the knob

– drill a very shallow hole in my drawer for the head of the screw for the knob to fit into (I used the drill press!)

Then I attached my drawer front. It was noticeably crooked. I adjusted it. Still crooked. 3rd try: “Is that crooked the other way now?” Nope, it was perfect. Going by eye can be deceiving.

Then I took my drawer out and marked my top to have a 3/4″ overhang on three sides. With the end table upside down, I screwed the top on. Finally, the instructor helped me put the back on using brads and a brad nailer (that was a bit scary).

It weighs 22 pounds and it took 6 months, approximately 55 hours (so far), and 23 trips to the club:



La-dee-da-da :)

La-dee-da-da 🙂


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