Tiny Documentaries, Big Thoughts

Happy May everyone! I got to sleep in today and I spent some time day dreaming about my tiny house before I got out of bed 🙂

This afternoon I watched Small is Beautiful: A Tiny House Documentary and I really liked it. It features four tiny housers and their three houses, all in different stages. I found that there were a lot of wordless scenes of driving, water, trees, and just people pausing mid-thought or mid-conversation. But I suppose that’s kind of a documentary style, and it worked because it gave me time to consider what I’d just watched, rather than having it be fast-paced with no time to digest. I particularly liked this tiny house documentary because instead of taking place over a few months as planned, or visiting many tiny houses for short tours, it covers probably a year’s worth of progress for all three builds. I definitely recommend watching Small is Beautiful. It shows you how a tiny house can tie into other parts of your life. All four people are very different and so are their situations and backgrounds, so it just goes to show how unique every tiny house journey is.

Two of the people are a couple building a tiny house together with no experience, and that got me thinking about my lovely boyfriend. He’s relatively new to what is now a years-long day dream, and while he’ll be helping with the heavy lifting, the project remains mine. I think it would be very difficult to share it equally! I find it hard to imagine deciding to build a tiny house as a couple. Unless you’d been married for decades, and even then, I feel like every decision would take twice as long and there’d be compromises left and right. I like that I’m the one getting final decision on everything. We plan on living in the tiny house together, but I dreamed it up long before I met him. It’s kind of funny to me actually, because I added a little extra space for a second closet in case I met someone in a few years and wanted to live with them. I never imagined I’d meet someone so soon.

Anyways, I also wanted to mention another tiny house documentary that I watched last year, TINY: A Story About Living Small. If you’re planning on living in a tiny house, I totally recommend devouring as many tiny-house-related resources as you can, and what easier research is there than watching a movie?! I love how big this movement is getting!

Today I was reminded that tiny houses are about more than just the house. There is an amazing community out there, and tiny houses can represent so many things to so many people. I think tiny houses allow us to be freer: free to move, free from mortgages, free to design our own space, free to travel, free to leave our houses and our screens and go out into the world. Tiny houses, in their simplicity, allow us to focus on the more important things, like family, friends, love, exploring the great outdoors, and following our dreams. Tiny houses can help people to live slower in our fast-paced world, to make home-cooked meals, to enjoy the sunlight and the stars, and to sit on the front porch at dusk. I dream of a simpler life. It amuses me because everyone seems so proud of our progress and our technology, but I long for the forests and places without clocks. We’ve supposedly made it so far, but I want to go back to when everything was local and we all knew our neighbours. Did we have to come this far to realize what we had?


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"It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan." - Eleanor Roosevelt

"It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare. It is because we do not dare that they are difficult." - Seneca

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