Trailer Stresses

I pick up my trailer in ONE WEEK. I’m starting to get pretty stressed thinking of all the things I want to get done really soon. I’m also seriously stressed and annoyed with the owner of the trailer company because he hasn’t been answering my questions. This is a $7000 purchase, so I’m a little angry that he’s not answering my questions or confirming anything with me. Supposedly the trailer only takes three days to build because they have a team of 12, but I’m still not liking how close they’re cutting it. My dad is coming down from Ontario to get the trailer with me, so it needs to be ready on time.

Trailer stress #1: I confirmed with Randy at the beginning of April that the 17th of May is okay for pick-up, even though it’s a Sunday, and he said it was no problem. I realized later that it might not be okay because it’s a long weekend, so I have emailed him twice asking if the 17th is still okay even though it’s a long weekend, and despite emailing me back about other things, he hasn’t answered that question.

Trailer stress #2: In my original email about the trailer specifications, I listed all-threaded rods as one of the things I needed. Then, later, in a phone call, I told him not to worry about the all-threaded rods because I wasn’t sure how they would work with the flanges. I figured I’d bolt the house to the flanges or trailer somehow instead, but then I was looking at the trailer the same company made for The Tiny Refuge in Quebec, and the flange is super thick – not possible to bolt through. So I emailed Randy saying I needed the rods after all and asked about the flanges. I didn’t get a response, so I sent another more detailed email about the all-threaded rods. I mentioned them in a third email, and I still have not gotten any confirmation that my trailer will have all-threaded rods.

Trailer stress #3: I asked that he send me his sketches (because he sent sketches to the engineer I paid $400 to). He emailed back right away saying he wasn’t in the office for the week and he would send the sketch the following week. Then when I saw the sketch, I thought, this is what I paid $400 to have okayed? The sketch is incomplete and missing several of the things I specified, including the rods and the metal sheeting underneath. So, I typed up a long email with numbered questions, attached my own drawing of the trailer, and included links to pictures of similar trailers.

MAIN TRAILER STRESS: I still haven’t gotten any of my questions answered. After a week with no response, I emailed again, asking if he had received my email (that was not the first time I emailed him to ask that). He emailed back last Monday saying that he did get it, that they would be starting the trailer later in the week, and he would be in touch then. By Friday, I still didn’t get an email. I emailed him saying that I wanted him to contact me before he started to make sure we’re on the same page. No response yet.

Trailer stress #4: The drawing he sent clearly showed crossmembers that are level with the top of the trailer, but only 3″ deep while the outer frame is 6″. 3″ is probably standard, but I have sent several emails that say I need the crossmembers to be the same size as the frame because it needs to be like a stick built floor! There needs to be places for the metal sheeting underneath to attach to, I need somewhere to screw my plywood into, and then there’s also insulation to consider. He hasn’t responded to my comments about the crossmembers.

Trailer stress #5: I need to know where any wires will be. Because if they’re inside the frame, they’ll be sealed up and impossible to get at later. I also need to know what the connection is to see if it works with the vehicle we’re taking. He hasn’t answered these questions.

Trailer stress #6: The corner porch complicates things a little. There needs to be no metal sheeting under that corner, the corner needs to be sealed off from the rest because of that, and then the rod on that corner needs to be moved. I have no evidence that that will happen; it’s not in his drawing. I don’t even have any evidence that there will be metal sheeting!

Whew, I needed to get all that off my chest. Tomorrow, I will find his phone number (which I don’t readily have because he asked for my phone number and has been the one that has called me) and I will call him and make absolutely sure that my trailer will be exactly what I need. I’m sure he knows what he’s doing trailer-wise; he’s just bad at administration.


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