All Is Well

I can breathe a little easier. I spoke to Randy on the phone and he confirmed everything. They have all the pieces cut and they started the welding today! The trailer will be ready by the 17th, and it will have all-threaded rods (though not on the porch corner), well-attached metal sheeting underneath, a sealed-off-no-metal-underneath corner porch, jacks, and the wiring on the outside.

My dad suggested I ask about getting the trailer delivered, and it turns out they do deliver. I never even thought of that; there’s no big “We deliver!” on the website. It would be $500 to get it here, but Randy might be able to double-up trips to make it less expensive and he’ll get back to me about that. If the delivery does end up being cheaper than $500, it might be worth it. Our van will tow the weight of the trailer, but it has the wrong connection so the trailer would have no brakes. It is possible to tow the trailer without the brakes while it’s empty, but for a few hundred bucks I could save myself the 10 hours of driving to go get it and eliminate the risk of me damaging it in transit. If I do choose delivery, it would get here a little later, but I’m not quite ready to start building yet anyways.

In other news, I’ve decided to draw up my own framing plans and have found an engineer to okay them, as was recommended to me by the county. When I was doing my research in the beginning, almost all the tiny house builders I found bought plans and built from them with only a few small alterations. I figured I’d do the same, but I have so many changes to make. I’m going to use the plans I bought from the Tiny Tack House website for reference concerning the way the house is framed, as well as a set I bought that has a corner porch. But, my house is three feet longer than the plans and all of the windows are different, so I’ll be drawing completely new plans. I’ve been hesitant to start the drawings because I don’t have any experience and don’t want to get them wrong. However, I refuse to have them drawn up for me because it will already cost me $500 over budget just to get them okayed. Besides, I know exactly what I want and don’t want to explain every detail to someone who might misunderstand.

Also, I was not approved for a line of credit, even with a co-signer. The minimum for a line of credit is $10 000 and apparently I don’t make enough. But, they offered another option: a joint line of credit (with my dad). The papers have been signed; now I’m waiting for my access card to arrive! Other people might not be so excited about access to so much money with the potential interest I’ll have to pay, but to me, it’s worth it. It’s relatively small compared to a mortgage or a $100 000+ house. Any interest is the price I pay for having my house sooner. And it’s revolving credit, so I can pay it off as I go and have access to more. So even though the final house will cost me $30 000+, a $10 000 line of credit is plenty to start with! By my estimate, I need approximately $17 000 to finish the shell before winter, $7000 of which I already have saved, so the line of credit is perfect.

I have been a bit anxious about money recently: $400 extra for the rise in materials cost for the trailer, $400 for the engineer to okay the trailer, $500 for another engineer to okay the framing plans, $500+ for a table saw if I end up having to buy one, and maybe $500 to get the trailer delivered. That adds up to a couple thousand! But with the line of credit, I’ll be able to start building my house! I was approved for a credit card as well that I’ll use to help build my credit rating. I’m not going to be in debt as deeply or as long as my peers burdened by student loans, and I’ll have a beautiful house, so I’m happy.


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"It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan." - Eleanor Roosevelt

"It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare. It is because we do not dare that they are difficult." - Seneca

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