Trailer Delivery!

Looks like a lot of rods...

Looks like a lot of rods…



Randy seems to have had the measurements swapped, so my porch was the wrong size. Between sending me pictures and delivery, he added a bar, more metal underneath, and two more rods to somewhat fix that. But he apparently forgot about the flange because the porch is 36″ without it; it’s 40″ wide including the flange. That might work out better for the front door, so oh well.

What dampened my excitement was the rods and the reality of where exactly they are. First, there are two missing that should be near the wheel wells. Then there’s the extra two that he never took off after fixing the size of the window seat. Plus I never asked for any in the middle a few feet in. Then the corner rods are too close to the corners. It’s partly my mistake. I told Randy that I needed the rods to be 1 3/4″ in from the edge (to go through the bottom of my framing) but I never clarified that they should be 6″ from the corners one way so as to not interfere with the corner studs. It was in my drawing, but I didn’t label it as well as I should have. So, probably about 3 of the rods are usable, 6 are in the way of studs, and 1 is going to come up through my floor.

*Deep breath.*

Let’s not think about the rods right now. They’re the easiest thing to fix out of all the things that could’ve been wrong, so that’s good at least. I’ll post more about them later.

I’m very happy with the trailer overall. The wiring is on the outside so it won’t be inaccessible, but it’s protected by tubing. The leveling jacks are exactly what I pictured. The corner porch is a great size; in my drawings it always seemed so tiny. My window seat is also a good size. The trailer seems so strong. The metal underneath already installed saves me tons of work. The wheel wells will barely extend into the house at all. The crossmembers aren’t at even intervals, but that just means I’ll have to cut some plywood, no big deal. And it’s so fabulous to come home and see that beautiful trailer sitting in my driveway.

Is that enough pictures? Also, see my pretty shed in the background? 🙂

It’s so nice out these days; it’s building season! I’m already a little burnt.

By the way, I bought a fifth patio stone for the tongue stand to rest on; I didn’t think of that until the trailer arrived.

Next up: talking to a welder, grinding off some all-threaded rods, figuring out how to screw through metal, finding screws meant for metal, finding the right tool to use, and cleaning the trailer.


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  1. Chelsea
    May 30, 2015 @ 10:59:51

    Possibly helpful:

    Teks makes self drilling/tapping screws that work well if you need a smaller screw. An impact driver is irreplaceable in this process though, even with the self tappers. Also get a thicker / lower number screw so they don’t break on you.

    For larger bolts, a heavy duty drill with any metal bit worked for me, just time consuming.


    • Natalie
      May 30, 2015 @ 12:22:14

      Thanks for the tip!
      Yes, I didn’t really know what impact drivers were for when I bought my drill, so I didn’t buy a set with both. I plan on borrowing an impact driver for any metal drilling.
      Okay. Hopefully I’ll be able to get more rods added and won’t have to drill any holes for big bolts.


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