The Start of a Subfloor

On Monday morning before I worked, I paid the welder $250. Ouch. Then Mum and I went and bought another sheet of plywood, a sheet of 1/2″ plywood, some 1x4s, and more glue. I also bought some screws later.

The way the crossmembers are, I can’t get all the pieces I need out of 6 sheets, so I needed one more for the subfloor. We got the 1/2″ cut into 12″ strips to use for homemade fences/guides. After my shift, Mum and I made two fences, a four-foot one and an eight-foot one. I tried cutting again with the circular saw, but the fence moved again! We didn’t get much else done before dark.

It was supposed to rain on Tuesday so Mum and I put together a make-shift tarp out of some thicker plastic Mum had. We fit that as best we could over the trailer:

It rained a little overnight but ended up being a nice day. Dylan and I went up to see the property where we want to park and talked with the landowner, who showed us a couple of potential spots. Septic would need to be worked out, so I have to call someone about that, but it definitely seems doable!

Today, Dylan helped me πŸ™‚ We worked on the subfloor. Here’s the test cut with the new fence:

Mum found better clamps for me, and Dylan and I also put clamps next to the fence as well. It worked! So we cut that to length, measured the location of the rods, and I drilled some holes.

It fits πŸ™‚

Cutting holes is fun!

Drilling holes is fun!

Then we realized that there was water under the plastic as well as on top of it. We dried out the trailer with the shop vac and towels. It’s changing colour…

The center and right sections had water in them :(

The center and right sections had water in them 😦

The first piece of plywood is pretty darn square, but the crossmember it lands on isn’t. Dylan cut off a little sliver so the plywood ends in the middle of the crossmember.

Then we cut out the square for the porch:

Thanks for sharing your tools with us, Dad.

Baby steps!


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