Smiles and Sore Arms

I had Wednesday and Thursday off and both days were sunny 🙂 On Wednesday, Mum helped me finish the last three pieces.

6th piece!

6th piece!

So much floor!

So much floor!

7th piece!

7th piece!

All done :)

All done dry-fitting 🙂

I was so happy to get all the pieces cut and out of the garage, and then we had to take them all off to start screwing them down. As soon as you get good at one thing, it’s done and you have to learn something new. But I’m kind of glad to move onto something different.

I wanted to be able to practice on metal before I went and tried to put holes in my trailer. Luckily, I had a little piece of scrap metal that was in the trailer when it arrived. Mum and I practiced on that with the new impact driver.

Practice holes.

Practice holes through plywood into the metal.

All the way through.

All the way through.

I vacuumed out the area for the first piece and my mum marked the crossmembers on the edges. Then it was time for glue: We started on the first piece around 8 o’clock. You shouldn’t reposition after 30 minutes, so Mum and I wanted to get the piece secured and flat as soon as possible. But then it took over 30 minutes to put just the first screw in!

As we took the pieces off, we marked around them with chalk so we can put them back in the exact same place.

We weighed down the plywood with one of the patio stones and worked on getting the rest of the screws in. Mum tried to pre-drill a hole but broke two bits. I only finished half of the screws before it was too late to keep annoying the neighbours with power tools.

Done for the night.

Done for the night.

The first piece is one of the smaller pieces and it took over 2 hours to do half the screws! I was hoping to get two pieces down on Wednesday, and then get the rest done on Thursday before the rain today. The screws take so long though.

On Thursday, Dylan was around to help 🙂 We went and picked up another impact driver on clearance so I didn’t have to do all the screws by myself. Some screws went in more easily than others; some you just had to give up on and come back to.

All done the first piece.

All done the first piece.

There’s about 30 screws in that piece, 6 inches apart around the edges and 12 inches apart in the center. It doesn’t bend anymore when you walk on it! We put on the 2nd piece, weighed it down with concrete in the middle, screwed down the edges, then started on the 3rd piece. By the time we finished the edges, our hands were hurting pretty bad. We also went through a lot of screws. We snapped one, and melted and wore down the tips on a bunch of others.

Any ideas on how to fix that?

Any ideas on how to fix that? It snapped after it was partway through the metal.

Pieces 2 and 3!

Pieces 2 and 3!

I’m super happy I got any screws in the skinniest edge. And when the impact driver finally kicks in and you make it through the metal, it’s awesome. The pieces still need more screws in the middle, but we had to pack up and tarp the trailer before dark. 4th try with the tarp and it still leaks: I’ve been pushing water off it all day, my body hurts, and my arms are sunburned, but it’s worth it 🙂 And I couldn’t do it without Mum and Dylan ❤


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