Not My Day Job

The days are counting down until I leave for vacation and I’m stressing! Researching nail guns by night and getting up early for wood deliveries isn’t very much fun, but I get to go to sleep daydreaming about my future kitchen 🙂

Monday after my shift, I put in my wood order. Then Tuesday after work, with no new email, I called the engineer. She explained how I can change my framing so I don’t have to sacrifice any headroom 🙂 It drastically changed my wood order, but I managed to call before closing and change some numbers. The wood was delivered this morning!

Does that look like enough?

Does that look like enough?

The framing change turned out to be easier and cheaper with less pieces. I still don’t have all the details because the engineer is really busy, but I have enough info to get started. I just hope I ordered enough wood!

Then there’s windows. When I went in to order my wood, I also got a quote for windows. The main floor windows are all good to go, except the bathroom awning window. I have to make that one a bit bigger. That’s the sort of thing I wanted to find out before I started framing. Most of the windows are pretty close to budget, but I underestimated how much skylights are so I will be over budget for the category. They don’t sell operable octagons though, so I’ll have to buy those elsewhere and I may have found a place that sells them. I still have to contact them. I’m not sure what size octagon I’ll end up with, so for now I won’t frame them and they can be added in later. I really want to get started!

I was originally planning to screw my framing together; it’s what I’ve done before and it’s easier to fix your mistakes. However, for speed and so I don’t have to pre-drill, I’ve decided to go with nails. After my shift today I’ll pick up a nail gun, and if the weather holds, I’ll start putting together my end wall! I had planned on only renting a nail gun if I needed one, but a nail gun will get me through framing, sheathing, and siding, so I think it’s worth it to buy my own.

Oh, and I also got a door quote. Instead of pricing a custom door, they added a cut fee for cutting down a standard door and the cost of that is ridiculous. I might end up making my own so I can make it exactly the way I want. I’m nervous about working with glass to put a window into it, but as my mum pointed out, if I can build a house, I can build a door.

Let’s see what I can get done today!


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  1. Lynne Ayers
    Jul 08, 2015 @ 12:50:07

    That last line made me laugh Natalie – if you can build a house indeed. Go Girl!


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