One Day at a Time

Building has happened here...

Building has happened here…

I worked on cutting some pieces for the side walls today, but unfortunately, I am STILL waiting on the engineer. She seems to have no concern for my build, and she acts as if I’m an annoyance every time I contact her. I asked her to look over the structure of my walls two months ago and she said they look fine, ignoring the half a dozen questions I sent her with the drawings. I have had to directly ask her questions, one by one, to get answers. My walls have changed so much based on her answers, so how were the original drawings “fine”? Yeah, the original drawings would have created a building, but I’m paying an engineer to make sure that the building is safe, strong, and built properly! There are some parts of construction that people disagree about and there are different ways of doing things, but I’m frustrated with how indifferent the engineer has been. I’m anxious about how much she’ll charge me in the end, for “time spent going back and forth”.

One thing the engineer did tell me though is that I don’t really need hurricane strapping because the building is so small. Keep in mind, this engineer has worked on tiny houses before. All the metal strapping on tiny house walls I’ve seen, the straps across the ridge board and rafters, metal pieces added here and there to make a stronger house that can withstand highway-speed winds – she says I don’t need any of it. I’m a bit skeptical, but it’d certainly be easier and cheaper to do without them, and houses have been built since before Simpson Strong Ties were invented. I’m still going to go take a look at what’s sold locally to see if there’s anything I want to include.

I was looking at the pile of 2x4s before I started cutting, and I have a weird amount of everything 😛 The walls have changed since I made the wood order, so now I have a lot of longer pieces I don’t necessarily need, and probably not enough 8 footers. But I can fit 8′ boards in the van so I can go get more as I need them. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow and I work, but Saturday and Sunday I’m back to building!

P.S. I love the mitre saw 🙂


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"It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan." - Eleanor Roosevelt

"It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare. It is because we do not dare that they are difficult." - Seneca

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