“I was supposed to order those?”

Today after work I went in to order my front door, which I’ve been waiting to order. I’ve gotten a couple door quotes in the past, but wanted to wait until my framing was up and I had an exact size. Plus I needed to figure out how to seal and trim it with the side wall of the bump-out and the underside of the storage loft being so close to the opening. After some research and getting distracted by pretty flooring, I went in to the same place I ordered my windows from. There was another store that quoted me $10 cheaper, but then never got back to me about it. I can do my own follow-up and call them, sure, but it’s frustrating when people who theoretically want business don’t call me back.

Anyways, I went in, talked to someone I haven’t talked to before, had a nice chat about tiny houses, and left with a more expensive quote, unfortunately. But the guy has to call the company about a few things and said he’d try to get the price lower.

Then I went and talked to the guy I ordered my windows from. I ordered them in the middle of August. They were supposed to take three weeks but I haven’t gotten a call yet saying they’re in. He had told me I didn’t have to pay for them until I was ready to pick them up, and that they’d be there waiting whenever I was ready to install them. But apparently, our wires got crossed and he didn’t realize he was supposed to order them. He said he never heard back from me, but I went in twice. Once to get a rough estimate, and then in August to finalize and order them.

But on the bright side, I realized two mistakes in my framing and was able to adjust the windows before he actually ordered them. My entrance window was supposed to be taller, but when I was framing it, I made it six inches shorter. I’m okay with that, so I changed the size on the order. As I double-checked the rough-openings, I realized I had made my bathroom rough opening an inch too small, and I was already getting the smallest possible width. So I had him make that one a half inch wider. That way I can cut out the jack stud, turn the king stud next to it into a jack stud, and add in a new king stud. So now that’s fixable. Good thing there’s no plywood there yet.

I worked on my rafter template and thought I had it pretty accurate, but I think I’ve been going about making the rafters the wrong way. I’ve been trying to follow the exact math from a rafter calculator that helped me make my rake walls, but the saw could be off, and the walls might have turned out a little differently. I should be making my rafters to fit the house, not the math.

I kind of wish I had easy 45 degree angles to work with, but that’s not the roof line I want. Any work I put into making my weird rafters will be worth it as I enjoy my spacious loft and 10′ ceiling. I also don’t have to worry about dormers or valleys in my roof.

Now I have 3 weeks until my windows come in (or less; he said he’d put a rush on them because it was his mistake). And there’s 3 and half weeks until the end of October, so I plan to have lots done by then! I dislike the cold, so I want to snuggle inside a warm house with a closed-in tiny house sitting outside, before I freeze my fingers off. I’m jealous of builders in California and Las Vegas that can build year-round; the seasons are stressing me out!

I do all my work at the last minute, so why did I expect the build to be different? 😛


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