And It Begins!

I had Thursday off, but of course it was rainy. I moved over some of my tools and materials from my mum’s:


And then Friday morning before work in the afternoon, I sanded the rest of the beams. This time, I wasn’t letting the rain stop me:


Protected underneath the roof between the house and the garage.

(By the way, those are some brand new saw horses that I got on a great sale. 🙂 )

I was up bright and early on Saturday to get the house out of storage, and despite taking a back road this time, the move was easy.


Last time we didn’t have the forklift, and it made getting the tiny house out of the corner so much simpler.


It’s kind of lucky that I didn’t have the ridge beam up for this doorway.


And she’s out, easy peasy!


We didn’t hit any wires!


The legal road height limit is 4.15m, so 4.9m gives us plenty of room, especially without a roof! However, there’s another sign behind the tiny house that says the bridge is only 3.9m at the sides.


No problem!



The only part that was nerve-wracking this time was forgetting the foam pieces for the roof in the trailer. Last time, we took them in the car and then put them in the trailer for storage. This time around I forgot that there was anything to take out before moving the house. At the end of the drive – which only took about 10 minutes – going 70-80km/hr, the foam pieces started blowing around inside, but we didn’t lose any. 🙂


In the new spot 🙂

On the drive, I was also admiring how straight everything looks! I think I’ve done pretty well so far, and now I get to see my lovely little house-in-progress every day again!

I moved the majority of the materials into the garage while it was sunny. The floor and piles of plywood are tarped again before the rain, but hopefully this week I’ll have the beginnings of a roof up! Then I’ll be able to tarp it over the top and rain will be able to run off it instead of pooling inside and stressing me out. 😛

Fingers crossed that putting up the ridge board will be a breeze!


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