Feeling Proud

My end table is completely done now! Over the course of 7 months, it took me 67 hours, but someone with experience (and who’s not a perfectionist) could definitely build more quickly. I was finally able to pay for my materials, and those cost about $50. It was $85 for the course, and I also paid for another year at the club, which was about $50 too. Add to that a bit more for a couple of things like glue, and I’ve spent almost $200 for wood hobby club, but I think it was totally worth it!

The club is closed for the summer ’cause it gets too hot in there. Everyone will be out enjoying the good weather instead and I’ll be busy building the shell of the house. Come winter or next spring, hopefully I’ll be back in the club building my custom kitchen cabinets and storage solutions 🙂

Here it is, all sealed, cured, and filled with many tiny-house-related things:

My energy usage monitor, papers from wood hobby, my wood hobby membership card, and an empty photo album I plan to fill with pictures of the process of building the end table.

All my tiny house books and the little box that holds my purple wind chime.

All my tiny house books and the little box that holds my purple wind chime.

I added foam to the corners of the door, so now it closes much more quietly.

I added foam to the corners of the door, so now it closes much more quietly.

I love it!

I love it!

Tiny house videos and all my papers related to the tiny house.

And on top, tiny house videos and all my papers related to the tiny house.


Project: Leftover Wood

We saved the leftover wood from the shed build and Mum suggested I make something out of it. It’d be good for me to practice not just using tools, but planning something and having it all fit together in the end.

I think I’ll build a prototype of either the shoe storage table I plan to have in my entrance, or a storage seat like I’ll have underneath my window seat. We do need to do something about our mess of shoes:

And this isn't even counting all my sister's shoes on the other side!

And this isn’t even counting all my sister’s shoes on the other side!

But our entrance is really small and my table on wheels won’t work in the space. Mum pointed out that maybe we could put mine in the closet and take out the smaller shoe rack we have in there to use in the entrance. No matter what we do though, something’s going to be in the way of the closet door.

The other thing I could make is a storage seat. It won’t be pretty because it’ll be made of OSB (though I suppose I could cover it). I plan on having two boxes underneath my window seat that will have cushions on top. That way, they can be used as extra seating. I’ll store my favourite books, movies, and TV shows in them because the window seat is most likely where I’ll use those. And I could use storage for my favourites now and see how much will fit in the box – I’ll make it the right size. And it’d be easy to stick a box somewhere in this whole house.

I’ll have to do some measuring and take a look at how much wood there is. I’m leaning towards building the storage box. It’s smaller and simpler. The shoe storage table would be the wrong size for our entrance, plus I only plan on making it big enough to fit my shoes, not my whole family’s. Storage box it is!

Elevation Drawing #8

This is actually two different drawings, but they were small so I put them on one page:


As you can see, the top drawing is the sleeping loft. It’s 9’6″ deep, so there’s space at the head of the mattress for the shelving and at the foot for getting in and out of the loft. There’s the octagon window (I’d love to have a circular window, but to me it’s not worth the difficulty).

Notice how the less steep roof allows for a lot more space? No 45° angles in my loft!

The side walls are almost 3′ high, and from the floor to the peak of the roof it is 3’9″. With a 6″ thick mattress, that makes the head space above the bed 3’3″. I’m just over 5’4″ tall, and when I’m kneeling, I’m 3’3″ tall. When I’m sitting cross-legged, I’m 3’1″ tall. That said, I sit really tall because I have a long torso. Still, it’s not ideal to have such a low ceiling in the loft, but I can’t take height from anywhere else. The trailer can’t be lower than two feet high, it’s recommended to not make a ceiling in a normal room lower than 6’8″ (and mine is 7′ with 4 x 4 rafter ties cutting into head space), and I need thick insulation. Maybe I’ll steal a few inches from the kitchen. Yes, I think I’ll do that. I don’t need 16″ above my head in the kitchen when I only have 2″ above me in the loft. Sigh. This means I’ll have to re-do all my drawings.

But really, how often do you sit in bed? I’m not going to be getting dressed up there, and when I’m sitting up in bed propped up with pillows (like I am as I write this post), the top of my head is only 2’1″ from the bed. I think I’ll like having a ceiling so close. It’ll make it cozy and it’ll be awesome to have a skylight that close.

And the bottom drawing is just an empty loft space with another octagon window, above the window seat and mini front porch. This loft is only 2’6″ deep. It’ll be full of pretty storage boxes and luggage, holding memorabilia and out of season items.

Elevation Drawing #4

Here’s the other half of the hallway:

Hallway (Left)

You’ll have to go into tools and rotate it yourself because it won’t let me do it.

In the last hallway one I forgot to add the dimensions; both hallway drawings are 7′ high by 9′ long.

Okay, so starting on the left/bottom there’s the kitchen: upper cabinets, open shelving, counter space, drawers, and lower cabinets. I didn’t draw the stove top, the toaster, or the vent in this one. I’m not sure what the vent will look like yet. My kitchen only has two drawers while our kitchen now has six, so I hope I’ll have enough room!

I think I’ll have some string lighting underneath the kick plates or underneath the open shelving.

Then there’s a foot of space where the folding chairs will be stored on the bottom, and I’ll have some extra space above them. I might use it for sweaters or something. I also might add a door or curtain to this spot, but I don’t mind having it open for now.

Next are the closets. My original design only had one, but I’m going to be living in this house for at least four years probably, and if in that time I want to live with someone, I want that ability. I don’t expect the tiny house to be perfect for two people forever – because the house is mostly designed by me for me alone – but I don’t want to have to move immediately if I want to live with somebody just because I don’t have space for their stuff. Having an empty closet around will be tempting to fill though… conscious minimalism! I could fill that space, but I don’t need to.

I think that’s everything for that one.

Check back tomorrow for more!


Elevation Drawing #1

Alrighty, so this is what I’m picturing, looking towards the front door from inside:

Window Seat & Front Door

Again, the squiggles are windows. That box in front of the door is my drop zone – a table for my keys and mail with shoe storage underneath. And it’s on wheels. Also, above it is a little coat hook. There will probably be three hooks there.

Coming down into the space a little are the rafter ties for the storage loft. Then there’s some storage compartments where I’ll keep my computer and some papers, like a desk (but high up).

There’s the built-in window seat with a cushion, and below are two boxes that I plan to build myself. They’re for storage, but they also have cushions so they can be pulled out and used as seats!

I didn’t draw the folding table or chairs in this one.

There are a lot more drawings like this to come, so keep checking back!



"It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan." - Eleanor Roosevelt

"It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare. It is because we do not dare that they are difficult." - Seneca

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." - William Morris