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For all those aspiring tiny housers that aren’t interested in framing or exterior construction, but would love to design and finish the interior of their own tiny house, take a look, The Lilac might be for you!

Save yourself the money and time of paying someone else to build a tiny house shell. The Lilac is for sale with no labour costs added.

Find it on Tiny House Listings or contact me through my About Me page for more details! ❤



As the Dream Grows

Sure, building this house is taking me a while, but I love it. I’ve learned and grown with it. Take a look at what I’ve been up to over the past two years (hours include my work and help from others):


May 29th: Trailer arrives!

June 3rd: Insulation

June 10th-June 30th: Subfloor (82 hours)

~Waiting, consulting with the engineer~

August 14th-15th: First wall

~More back and forth with the engineer~

August 28th-Sept. 7th: Building the walls (50 hours)

Sept. 12th: Wall raising day! (11 hours)

Sept. 23rd-Sept. 25th: Adding blocking (31 hours)

Oct. 8th-Nov. 16th: Wall sheathing & cutting rafters (46.5 hours)

Nov. 19th: Moving the house into storage

~Winter & research~


May 1st-6th: Sanding the loft beams (6 hours)

May 7th: Moving the house out of storage!

May 13th: Sleeping loft beams go up (8.5 hours)

May 15th-May 26th: Rafters & ridge board (21 hours)

May 28th-June 10th: Upper sheathing, storage loft beams, & fascia boards (60 hours)

June 11th-June 17th: Roof sheathing (37.5 hours)

June 26th: Collar ties (13.5 hours)

July 10th-July 23rd: Blocking, drip edge, ice + water shield, & fixing collar ties (22 hours)

August 4th-August 7th: Installed skylights! (4.5 hours)

August 21st-August 28th: Roofing! (23.5 hours)

Sept. 17th: Moving the tiny house

Sept. 25th-Oct. 6th: House wrap (18 hours)

Oct. 2nd: Fixing collar ties again, adding brackets (13 hours)

Oct. 7th-Oct. 15th: Door install! (23 hours)

Oct. 13th: Finishing roofing (6 hours)

Oct. 20th-Nov. 2nd: Windows! (17 hours)

Nov. 7th-Dec. 6th: Staining fascia & siding (59 hours)

Dec. 10th-Dec. 20th: Siding prep. & soffits (12.5 hours)


Jan. 21st-Jan. 29th: Soffits (13 hours)

Feb. 5th-May 18th: Cutting, priming, painting, & putting up all trim (75 hours)

April 23rd-May 8th: Porch (17 hours)

May 12th-May 14th: Siding prep. (9 hours)

May 19th-June ?: Siding! (49 hours so far)

Here’s a peek of the siding:


Isn’t it cute! I love this little corner. 🙂

Stay tuned for more siding pictures!





Tiny House Open House

On Sunday, Dylan and I got up, made some bacon and toast, and headed off to Mahone Bay (which is about an hour and a half away) to visit Full Moon Tiny Shelters’ open house! After getting a little lost, we found it, and got to look around the 3 tiny houses.

The hunting cabin:




It has the popular propane boat heater!


…but no plumbing.


Oh, what a nice closet door!






Hidden electrical. Not sure what’s behind this.

“Space,” built to be an example of their work (still needing some finishing touches):


Love the porch.


It’s just a room though…


Roof deck!



And 28′ big blue one, built for a family with young kids to use as a cabin:



Bathroom built out over the hitch.


TWO windows? This bathroom is huge 😛


Interesting design.


The kids’ loft.


The parents’ loft. That’s a decent sized window! Neat whitewashed ceiling.


I didn’t get any pictures of the downstairs main area in the blue one because there were people, but it’s empty and the floor is still plywood. They had a floor plan on the wall though with plans for a decent sized kitchen and stairs to the kids’ loft. I was a little disappointed that the family wasn’t going to use it as a full-time house, but I can totally understand, with kids, why they wouldn’t.

We didn’t stay as long as I expected, because I really had no questions for them. I’ve already researched and decided how I want my house, so I didn’t need any answers from them. It was cool to see the houses though. We saw about a dozen people there, and obviously more had been coming and going throughout the day. I had hoped for more of a conversational, everyone-involved type of event, but everyone kept to themselves and the owners of the company were just around to answer questions. Oh well! Dylan and I got to spend a nice day together, and my shift was cancelled that night so we stayed in town, had a late lunch, and explored downtown a bit. 🙂




Oh, and I just passed the 2 year mark on 🙂

And It Begins!

I had Thursday off, but of course it was rainy. I moved over some of my tools and materials from my mum’s:


And then Friday morning before work in the afternoon, I sanded the rest of the beams. This time, I wasn’t letting the rain stop me:


Protected underneath the roof between the house and the garage.

(By the way, those are some brand new saw horses that I got on a great sale. 🙂 )

I was up bright and early on Saturday to get the house out of storage, and despite taking a back road this time, the move was easy.


Last time we didn’t have the forklift, and it made getting the tiny house out of the corner so much simpler.


It’s kind of lucky that I didn’t have the ridge beam up for this doorway.


And she’s out, easy peasy!


We didn’t hit any wires!


The legal road height limit is 4.15m, so 4.9m gives us plenty of room, especially without a roof! However, there’s another sign behind the tiny house that says the bridge is only 3.9m at the sides.


No problem!



The only part that was nerve-wracking this time was forgetting the foam pieces for the roof in the trailer. Last time, we took them in the car and then put them in the trailer for storage. This time around I forgot that there was anything to take out before moving the house. At the end of the drive – which only took about 10 minutes – going 70-80km/hr, the foam pieces started blowing around inside, but we didn’t lose any. 🙂


In the new spot 🙂

On the drive, I was also admiring how straight everything looks! I think I’ve done pretty well so far, and now I get to see my lovely little house-in-progress every day again!

I moved the majority of the materials into the garage while it was sunny. The floor and piles of plywood are tarped again before the rain, but hopefully this week I’ll have the beginnings of a roof up! Then I’ll be able to tarp it over the top and rain will be able to run off it instead of pooling inside and stressing me out. 😛

Fingers crossed that putting up the ridge board will be a breeze!

Home Safe

The tiny house has been moved to its new location! It went very smoothly. 🙂

I’ll post a longer update soon, but for now you can check out the new Facebook page:



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